Ramakrishna Jaladhara

‘Ramakrishna Jaldhara’ is a unique project which helps the needy tribal people to get drinking water at a walking distance from their residence. It is executed by excavating existing fully or partially dried wells. The Ashrama has carried out this project at Panchamahal district.

A team of monks, volunteers and local tribal villagers visit the various sites, carry out survey of the area and find out the actual no. of persons going to be benefited by excavating the wells.

Once the survey is done and well to be excavated is finalized, then Ashrama starts implementing/finalizing various agencies. The excavation is done upto 15 to 20ft. As the area is hilly and rocky, boring and breaking of hard stones requires machine. The trained person breaks the stone with the help of breaking machine. Once the breaking of the small portion or layer is done, the excavated material is removed from the bottom of the well with machine chain pulley by trained person.

Ramakrishna Mission always believe that there must be contribution from the beneficiaries also. The material is removed from the bottom of the well with the help of local people, especially woman who are the beneficiaries. This also create the sense of belonging and it reduces the cost by fifty percent. The stones removed from the bottom of the well during excavation is used for the construction of the periphery of the well. This reduce the cost of bricks.

Thus ‘Ramakrishna Jaldhara’, a unique project proves very helpful. It brings joy, happiness and stability in the poor, simple, kind hearted tribal people of our beloved motherland.

Our Inspirationes

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